Julia Dimitru is a visual artist, who started her art career in 2015 with realistic portraits and continues to be chosen by clients and art collectors all over the world.

Recently she also became known for her paintings with real coffee used as a medium, which won a Visitor’s Award prize of the international art competition twice in a row in 2019 and were exhibited in London and New York City. The whole excitement was doubled by the fact, that it was her first and second attempts to enter an art competition and both ended up with winning a prize.

Julia works with different kinds of media and loves to combine them and develope her own techniques. Besides graphite and coffee, she paints with acrylics, oil paint and watercolors.


10/2019 New York, New York

03/2019 London, United Kingdom

2019-now Fuerteventura, Canary Islands

  • Artworks related to surfing culture exhibited at Poke Cotillo, in a surfing village El Cotillo on the island Fuerteventura, where Julia lived for almost 2 years
  • Original drawings were sold and replaced with copies. The place is also decorated with custom wall paintings of Hawaiian Tiki style created as well by Julia

7-8/2017 Prague, Czechia / LA, California

  • Official art project for the movie “The Secret of Karma” (2020), directed by Milan Friedrich and Dalibor Stach, starring Brendan Fraser, Marcia Cross, etc. Cooperation with Alpha Hollywood Studios


  • The start of career with commissioned artworks: realistic drawings, paintings with acrylics, watercolors, real coffee, illustrations…


It’s the whole world that inspires me. Traveling, people, the ocean, places with it’s unique atmosphere, breathtaking views, adventures, feelings. My life and other lives, too.

The beginning

I am self-taught. As a child, I used to paint a lot and, unluckily for my parents, on everything, incl. books, walls and furniture…
Later at school, a teacher noticed my skills and invited my parents to discuss the options for the art education for me. After a few art classes, I told my mom, that I won’t go there anymore. The reason was that I didn’t like that I was forced to paint in a certain way. I used to be a very stubborn child and wanted to paint only in my own way. (Nothing has changed haha)


I discovered my passion for traveling already at very young age and it became a part of my lifestyle. Every time I travel, my world gets bigger. I experience different life, meet amazing people and listen to their stories. That’s something that motivates and inspires me. I find my purpose in passing those stories, thoughts and experiences to others and I’m still searching for different ways of doing so.


I spent the beginning of my life by the sea and I feel connected to it wherever I go. I believe that everyone should have that special place for the recharge, a place of calmness, healing and a source of energy. For me, it’s the ocean.


My family has always been somehow linked to art and there’s always been a guitar and piano at our home. I love writing, taking photographs and many other artistic ways of expression. A part of my life was dedicated to dancing.

Bio facts

  • Julia is originally Russian, but she grew up in Czech Republic
  • She initially became a freelancer to be able to live a nomadic life
  • Has never painted an autoportrait yet
  • Can be called an adventure seeker for a reason…
  • Secretly writes a book
  • Worked as a model from time to time, and made it to catwalk at the European fashion show in Prague at the age of 19, where she was chosen by a designer for the final dress of the show. All despite the fact that her height is only 166 cm (models at the fashion shows are usually required to have minimum 175 cm)
  • Huge animal lover, owns a British blue cat
  • She is very into natural cosmetics and prefers healthy lifestyle (mostly;)
  • Adores Spanish and Latin American cultures
  • Studied business, economics, languages and psychology