Julia is currently accepting commissions for black and white photo-realistic portraits in ”dry brush.” (people and animals)

It should be mentioned that this technique is rare and mastered by not many artists at a professional level. Portraits are hand painted with very thin layers of oil paint on a textured paper. A photograph is used as a reference.

Portrait of Enrique Iglesias

To apply for a commissioned portrait, please email high quality photo(s) to julia@juliadimitru.com , subject: “portrait” with following details:
Your request (portrait of a person / animal / group, size, date, any details)
Your full name
Address for delivery
Contact phone number

The exact price will be confirmed individually by the artist. You will get an answer with estimated time of completion and payment details. If you haven’t been contacted back within 2 days, please contact Julia via socials.

Artwork has to be 100% prepaid in advance online via PayPal, card or bank transfer. Payment is non refundable.

Worldwide shipping with insurance. Shipping costs are included. You are responsible for possible additional customs fees or money transfer fees.

Examples to choose from:


paper size 40 x 30 cm
neat portrait surrounded by elegant white space


paper size 50 x 40 cm
detailed portrait depicted on a significant amount of paper space

How to choose the photo?

Julia: Quality of the photo directly affects the portrait, I paint what I see. One photo is enough, but more photos to choose from or just for a better idea, is always better. I keep it true to a photo, but I usually don’t include temporary imperfections and unnecessary details.

How long does it take?

Julia: Waiting time can be days, weeks or months, depending on my current schedule. If you need to receive it before a specific date, please mention it in your email. Please, order in advance and be patient.

Social media and copyright

Julia: Sometimes I show some of commissions on my social media. If you wish to keep it private, let me know. Please always give credits and tag me, if you share my work online. Thank you!

All commissioned artworks are copyrighted by artist and can never be used for commercial purposes.